Participants will be encouraged to use verbal statements when disapproving of another’s actions. Staff will act as positive role models by using positive and appropriate language at all times. Participants will not be spoken to in a harsh manner and will always know that it is their behaviour is what is being addressed, not themselves. Participants will be encouraged to solve disputes between themselves and another verbally, and if this fails to acquire the desired results, to approach our staff to act as a mediator. Participants will have realistic limits placed on them in regards to safety, health and environment. These limits will vary according to the age of the participant. Where these limits are exceeded, our staff will react appropriately. A participant may be removed from an activity if their behaviour is an issue. Future Learning Hub  will contact parents regarding serious discipline or behavioral issues Future Learning Hub  reserves the right to have a participant removed from a program, camp, session or lesson, without compensation for remaining classes, for serious discipline or behavioral issues.